Amazing nature

Let yourself be surprised!

In Corrèze, natural sites and unique gardens, refreshing lakes and waterfalls, breathtaking gorges, forests with bewitching scents and thousands of paths to be explored in the heart of millennia-old landscapes will amaze and charm you. You can live magical moments, breathe freely and cut yourself off from the world for an idyllic stay.

The rock of Busatier
The rock of Busatier - MARCILLAC LA CROISILLE
Wiewpoint on the gorges of the Dordogne and the Xaintrie. Picnic area. Access by D18, direction
La Route des Ajustants
La Route des Ajustants - NEUVIC
Start : Belvédère de Gratte-Bruyère - 19160 Sérandon Tour aspects : This spectacular road, whose name comes from the name given to the confluence of the Dordogne and Triouzoune rivers, follows
Le Causse Corrézien
Le Causse Corrézien - LISSAC SUR COUZE
Southwest of Brive, near the A20 motorway. One of the most unusual environments in the département, this limestone plateau is dotted with bare, white outcrops of rock. Water is completely absorbed by
Peat bog of Longeyroux
Peat bog of Longeyroux - MEYMAC
A biological environment of major European interest, this peat bog lies at an altitude of 900m in the communes of Meymac, St Merd-les-Oussines, Chavanac and St Sulpice-les-Bois. It occupies a huge
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The waterfalls of Murel
The waterfalls of Murel - ALBUSSAC
15km northwest of Argentat. Access by car from the village of Forgès. These cascades are formed by three successive waterfalls which run through the steep, wooded Franche-Valeine gorges. The water
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Sothys Contemporary Botanical Garden
Sothys Contemporary Botanical Garden - AURIAC
These botanical gardens covering an area of 4ha have been created upon the initiative of the beauty product company SOTHYS. Based around the theme of cosmetics, the gardens are made up of 5 different
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Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager
Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager - NEUVIC
This 6-hectare landscaped park and arboretum, located in an urban setting, was designed in the 19th century in the style of parks laid out by the landscape artist and garden designer, Choulot. Awarded
Le Rocher du Peintre viewpoint
Le Rocher du Peintre viewpoint - CAMPS SAINT MATHURIN LEOBAZEL
Remarkable viewpoint overlooking the Gorges de la Cère.
Mont Bessou panoramic tower
Mont Bessou panoramic tower - MEYMAC
Highest point in the Limousin on the D36, 4km north of Meymac. Situated at an altitude of 1,000m, this observatory has a viewpoint overlooking the Monts du Cantal and Monts de
Les Orgues de Bort
Les Orgues de Bort - BORT LES ORGUES
4km west of Bort-les-Orgues. Situated at an altitude of 789m, perched 350m above the town of Bort-les-Orgues, these rock formations were formed by volcanic lava flow. The end of the rock is shaped
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The La Fage chasm
The La Fage chasm - NOAILLES
In Noailles, 10km south of Brive. Exit 52 on the A20 motorway. Divided into two galleries, the La Fage chasm is known for its beautiful, colourful draperies, highly decorated calcite bridges, numerous
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The waterfalls of Gimel
The waterfalls of Gimel - GIMEL LES CASCADES
12km northwest of Tulle. One of the most beautiful natural sites in the département. These waterfalls consist of three successive cascades falling from La Montane at a total height of 143 metres: "Le
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Site de Roche de Vic
Site de Roche de Vic - ALBUSSAC
On D.940, near four roads of Albussac, in the direction of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. This rocky steep slope dominates the landscape in 636 m of height. It is credibly about an oppidum Gallic which was
Suc au May viewing table
Suc au May viewing table - CHAUMEIL
The orientation table provides a magnificent panorama of the Limousin Mountains and the Millevaches plateau. The Monéfières massif is a rolling landscape. The Auvergne can be seen if the weather is
Le Puy de Pauliac viewing table
Le Puy de Pauliac viewing table - AUBAZINE
Situated on the D48, 1.5 miles NW of Aubazine, puy de Pauliac provides a stunning panorama of the region with, to the north, the Monédières, to the west, the Corrèze valley and, to the south, the
Saint-Nazaire viewpoint
Saint-Nazaire viewpoint - SARROUX SAINT JULIEN
On the D127, 12km west of Bort-les-Orgues. A promontory at the confluence of the Dordogne and Diège rivers, where the village and church of Saint-Nazaire once stood. From the end of the promontory
Gratte-Bruyère belvedere
Gratte-Bruyère belvedere - SERANDON
On the D168, 12km southeast of Neuvic. Situated on the Les Ajustants tourist route, this belvedere offers a splendid view of the confluence of the Dordogne and Sumène
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The Gardens of Colette and her maze
The Gardens of Colette and her maze - VARETZ
Les Jardins de Colette is a 5 ha cotemporary garden set near theChâteau de Caqtel Novel in the town of Varetz, wich was once home to the famous author Colette. A thematic park, wich evokes six
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