Discovery tours, historical and gourmet routes

For history-lovers, the Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route in the Limousin and the Corrèze is lined by some of the region’s artistic and architectural heritage. Other route retrace the footsteps of the legendary King Richard the Lionheart.

For gastronomy fans, two gourmet routes provide a fascinating insight into local products the Limousin apple and Périgord walnut, both AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée).

If you prefer a playful discovery of the heritage, get on board the little train Gaillard... and to combine farm visits, discovery of the heritage and gastronomic meal, enjoy the 4x4 rides proposed by Agri Rando in the Dordogne valley.

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Way of St-Jacques of Compostela in Limousin
Way of St-Jacques of Compostela in Limousin - COLLONGES LA ROUGE
During the Middle Ages, the Limousin, a land of saints, saw a growth in the number of pilgrimages in the region and the veneration of relics housed in abbeys and priories built by monks. The area was
Richard the Lionheart road
Richard the Lionheart road - ARNAC POMPADOUR
The castles of Rochechouart, Montbrun, Châlus, Lastours, Jumilhac, Coussac, Ségur, Pompadour and the fortified church at Le Chalard once formed a defensive barrier in the south of the Viscounty of
The Limousin Apple Road AOP
The Limousin Apple Road AOP - ARNAC POMPADOUR
The aim of the Limousin Apple Route is to promote the various aspects of the land associated with the A.O.P. (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) Limousin
The Perigord Walnut Route A.O.P.
The Perigord Walnut Route A.O.P. - CREYSSE
The Perigord Walnut Route winds its way through the walnut-growing landscapes of the Corrèze, Lot and Dordogne valleys, offering a choice of four main itineraries based around four A.O.P. Noix du
Agri Rando
A farmer for 30 years in Corrèze, Gilles offers a 4x4 motor experience for day or half day trips around the Dordogne valley. The trip includes visiting multi-production farms punctuated by a few