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Trees and gardens

A great selection of botanical gardens, rose gardens, parks and arboretums provide pleasant surroundings in which to stroll and learn about the region’s plants.

Botanical garden
Botanical garden - LOSTANGES
A “nature discovery trail” situated at an altitude of 500m. The garden extends across an area of 2ha and is planted with some 500 species from around the world. 800m marked trail and slide show.
Arboretum of the Agrier Massif
Arboretum of the Agrier Massif - LAMAZIERE HAUTE
600ha mountain forest with heathland on the Puy du Vareyron. The arboretum has around sixty broad-leaved trees and conifers planted in 1982 in an area of 6 ...
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The Gardens of Colette and her maze
The Gardens of Colette and her maze - VARETZ
Les Jardins de Colette is a 5 ha cotemporary garden set near theChâteau de Caqtel Novel in the town of Varetz, wich was once home to the famous author Colette. A thematic park, wich evokes six
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Jardin du Centaure
Jardin du Centaure - SAINT YRIEIX LE DEJALAT
This 500m² garden specialises in medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as those used in dyeing. The popular use and mythology of plants are the themes of the tour given by the owner of the garden,
Sothys Contemporary Botanical Garden
Sothys Contemporary Botanical Garden - AURIAC
These botanical gardens covering an area of 4ha have been created upon the initiative of the beauty product company SOTHYS. Based around the theme of cosmetics, the gardens are made up of 5 different
Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager
Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager - NEUVIC
This 6-hectare landscaped park and arboretum, located in an urban setting, was designed in the 19th century in the style of parks laid out by the landscape artist and garden designer, Choulot. Awarded