Scenic flights

The varied countryside and geography of the Corrèze provide breathtaking views for your first trip in a light aircraft or helicopterFlight schools at the five flying clubs in Brive, Egletons, Peyrelevade and Ussel offer light aviation enthusiasts a number of activities ranging from flying an engine-powered plane, gliding and micro-lighting, to aerobatics and flying model aircraft, in complete safety.


Egletons Aérodrome-Aéro-Club

Egletons Aérodrome-Aéro-Club - EGLETONS
Track 810 m open to public air traffic. Powered flight, ultralights and aerobatic model aircraft. Discovery flight at 35 euros for 15 min. Training and multi-axis microlight trikes, training aircraft.

Aero-club in Brive

Aero-club in Brive - NESPOULS
Aeromodelling on common Pescher. Aerobatic aircraft and Brive. Other Accreditation: Ministry of Transport. Powered flight, aerobatics, aircraft. School Student Activities for each of these. Open 7

Aéro-Club d'Ussel /Thalamy

Aéro-Club d'Ussel /Thalamy - USSEL
Track 1350 m paved open for public air traffic. Vol engine, multi-axis microlights, model aircraft. School pilot and flight