Viewpoints and viewing tables

There are an abundance of viewpoints from which to enjoy the Corrèze’s changing landscape of mountains and valleys and to get your bearings. Magnificent vistas in the north look out over the wood-covered Massif des Monédières and heather moors of the Plateau de Millevaches. Le Suc-au-May and Mont Bessou , which reach over 900 metres in altitude, afford panoramic views over the summits of the Massif Central. To the east, Bort-les-Orgues, a long ribbon of volcanic rocks up to 100 metres high, looks far out over the beautiful Lac de Val, while the verdant Saint-Nazaire headland dominates the wild gorges of the Dordogne. The landscape in the south alternates between the steep slopes of Chasteaux on the rugged Causse Corrézien and the bucolic shores of river valley villages like Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. To the west, the Vézère runs through some delightful pastoral scenery that can be viewed from the heights of Donzenac and Uzerche. A total of 30 viewpoints and viewing tables provide perfect spots for contemplating the landscape