Lubersac Summer recreational swimming pool

Heated outdoor pool. Leisure pool and paddling pool.

Information Covid-19 : A specific sanitary protocol is set up to allow the reception of the swimmers in the best possible conditions of safety and hygiene:
- you will be invited to wash your hands systematically at the reception desk with gel made available,
- we advise you to carry a bag to put your belongings in as the lockers will be inaccessible,
- a soapy shower is mandatory,
- traffic in the sanitary building must be fluid without prolonged parking,
- access to the ponds may be limited in the event of overcrowding.


Child : 1€ en Juin et 1,50€ en Juillet-Août €
Adult : 1,60€ en Juin et 3,30€ en Juillet-Août €
Passeport adult : 10 tickets : 28€ €
Passeport child : 10 tickets : 12€ €
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