The Millevaches Regional Nature Park and its 14 Natura 2000 labelled sites

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Located on the watershed of the Adour-Garonne and Loire-Brittany basins, the territory of the Regional Natural Park (PNR) has thousands of springs and rivers (Vézère, Creuse, Corrèze, Vienne...) and shelters remarkable natural environments where peat bogs, moors, forests and meadows alternate. The Longeyroux peat bog, 15 km northwest of Meymac, is an exceptional reservoir of biodiversity. The NRP is home to fragile and unique animal and plant species: otters, pearl mussels, wetland azure, linnet, white-tailed eagle, viviparous lizard... It is also a stopover for migratory birds. There are 12 species of birds, including the red-backed shrike, the European nightjar, the woodlark, the grey crane... The flora offers a great diversity: heather moors, sphagnum mosses or droseras are only some examples. A dense forest in deciduous or coniferous trees composes a heterogeneous landscape. A discovery not to be missed and surprising.


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