National Accordion Centre

Since 1987, the town of Tulle has instiga¬ted a policy of acquisitions concerning the accordion. Since 1994, various institutions have cooperated to create in Tulle a National Centre of the Accordion. The initial project has evolved greatly since 2003. The establishment, development, company history and memories of four accordion workshops in Correze are representative of the technological and market developments of the instrument. This Accordion Centre, with over 500 ins¬truments, has the largest public collection in Europe of free reed instruments. These in¬clude accordions, concertinas, bandonEons, melodeons and harmoniflutes, some mass produced and some one-off instruments once owned by famous musicians. Included in the collection are the personal be¬longings of the French musician Martin Cayla, thousands of scores, models, manufacturing machines, tools, posters, correspondence, documents and archives and a background soundtrack. A highlight is Yvette Horner’s dresses designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for the Bicentenary of the Revolution. The wholely European instrument collection has items dating from 1832 to 1999. The predominantly French, Italian, German, Swiss and Belgian instruments present unique musical or aesthetic characteristics.


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