Pumptrack de Peyrelevade

The Pumptrack is a fun mountain bike trail open to all to practice the handling of the bike. A loop course, composed of bumps and high turns, it allows you to gain speed and have fun without pedalling! Feel the thrill of learning mountain bike technique while having fun! The tracks are open to mountain bikes, bmx, draisiennes, skate boards, mountain boards and even rollerblades and scooters! The course has several trails to vary the pleasures and have fun according to your level of progress: beginner, amateur, confirmed, to each his sensations!

The Pumptrack is located near the stadium and the campsite.
Length: approx. 300 m of bumps, raised bends with the different lines. You have to follow the same direction of traffic.
Asphalt surfacing
Open during the day only.
Children must be accompanied by an adult. Helmets, gloves and knee pads must be worn.


All year 2023 daily


Free : 0 €

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