St Libéral chapel

rue de Corrèze
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Located in the northern part of the inner city of Brive, this chapel was built near a passing route. Built or reconstructed in the early fifteenth century, it was used during the Wars of Religion as Chapel of Dominicans, whose convent, located outside the walls was burned. Perhaps built over the tomb of St Liberal, it was, until 1774, surrounded by a cementery at that time, was sold and subdivided.

During the Revolution it was sold as national property in 1791 and became the property of the Lalande family who installed a foundry and a tallow candle factory. This is the same family who went to worship in 1876 by ​​donating to the diocese.

Transferred to the City of Brive in 1976 and registered in 1978 in the Inventory of Historical Monuments, Saint-Liberal since the 1980s is a space for exhibitions and cultural events. Since September 2011, the chapel is attached to Labenche museum.

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