Tintignac-Naves archeological site

Tintignac-Naves archeological site is located next to Tulle, in Corrèze department. It is a major site for understanding the Gauls and Celts' way of living and their religion. Thanks to the objects found in Tintignac, the historians can now give an interpretation of the sacrificial rituals of the weapons to the gods and it is considered by the scientists as one of the main site for celtic studies in Europe with the presence of unique objects in the world such as the "carnyx" and the bird helmet. The superposition of the gallic and of the gallo-roman culture after the Gaul conquest in 52 B.C is very interesting to understand how the Gauls were assimilated into the Roman Empire by keeping some parts of their way of living while taking some from the Romans.

Guided tours only on prior booking obligatory - Prices: from 1 to 19 participants 80 € / = or more than 20 participants 4 € per person - Free for every 20 people.


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