Treetop adventure park "Diège aventures"

5 trails: Pitchoun's for less than 1m10 (8 sections 50cm above the ground) which young children can use unsupervised; "P'tits loups" for 1m10 to 1m30 (13 sections 1.5m above the ground); "Bonobos and "Lynx" for more than 1m30 without supervision (24 sections at a minimum height of 3m above the ground). 3€ for less than1m10, 7€ for 1m10 to 1m30,, 12€ for more than 1m30.


From 5th to 27th September 2020, Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00


Child : 3 €
Adult : 12 €


En Corrèze, c'est les enfants d'abord
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