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For a fun family outing in Corrèze, head for Seilhac’s mini-train park, with its 20 miniature LGB trains, which run along an amazing natural decor, past train stations, lakes, rivers, through villages, tunnels and across bridges, along a 1.000 metre railway! If you are a lover of contemporary art, discover the natural artistic site of the upright trees in Saint-Setiers, which combines nature and raw art, spontaneous art.


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Les arbres redressés
Les arbres redressés - SAINT SETIERS
A team of volunteers came together, “armed” with axes and saws, and brought this area back to life, thanks to sculptures! “Art brut », spontaneous art, art that does not claim to be cultural
Seilhac’s miniature trains
Seilhac’s miniature trains - SEILHAC
Our miniature train park has over 20 LGB trains, chugging along a natural, fairytale scenery, past stations and villages, through tunnels, over bridges, lakes and rivers, along over 1.000 metres of