Passion for fishing

The Corrèze is a fisherman’s paradise. Our 5,000km of streams and rivers are teeming with minnow, gudgeon, brown trout and grayling, while pikeperch, pike and carps swim in our 4,000 hectares of reservoirs and lakes. Fly-fishing enthusiasts can visit our cockerel-breeding farms where the feathers used to bait trout and grayling are sourced. In 14 “no-kill” fishing areas, you can test your skills against trout and then return your catch to the water. The Corrèze also has 13 2nd category areas where carp can be fished at night. Nine Fishing Federation lakes, 67 community lakes and a number of private lakes, some of which are exclusive, are open to the public – amateurs and families alike – for fishing.


For further information on fishing in Corrèze, click on Brochures and guides or log onto the website of the Fédération Départementale de Pêche (Corrèze Fishing Fédération).