Archealogical remains

The Corrèze has a number of archeological remains that are loaded with mystery and emotion. Among the département’s Gallo-Roman sites, Les Cars in Saint-Merd-les-Oussines stands out for the size and architectural quality of its ruins, which comprise a 2C granite temple, mausoleum and 15-room villa. Another complex is located further east, in the commune of Margerides. An archeological site of Celtic origin, Tintignac-Navesis exceptional for the ritual artefacts discovered here in September 2004 (carnyx horn, helmets etc).

Vestiges gallo-romains
Vestiges gallo-romains - MARGERIDES
11km northwest of Bort-les-Orgues, on the D979. This site comprises a fanum (temple), a small annexe and three altars. Unaccompanied
Tintignac-Naves archeological site
Tintignac-Naves archeological site - NAVES
Tintignac-Naves archeological site is located next to Tulle, in Corrèze department. It is a major site for understanding the Gauls and Celts' way of living and their religion. Thanks to the objects
Ruines gallo-romaines des Cars
Ruines gallo-romaines des Cars - SAINT MERD LES OUSSINES
Situated near Saint-Merd-les-Oussines, these ruins date from the 2C and 3C. The Gallo-Roman site comprises a funerary complex and a dwelling some 300m apart. Unaccompanied visit.