Barrage de l'Aigle

The Aigle dam stands out for the originality of its architecture, with its double spillways, and its impressive dimensions: 290 m long and 90 m high. The construction of a fifth generating unit in 1982 made it the most powerful EDF facility in the Dordogne basin, with an installed capacity of 360 MW. It is also nicknamed "the dam of resistance". Its construction, from 1935 to 1945, was deliberately delayed by the Cantal Army Resistance Organization during the 2nd World War, so as not to give the occupying forces access to additional power.

2 tours are available:

- Self-guided tour of the model and hut (duration 1h)
- Guided tour of the plant (inside the dam) and model (duration 1h45)
  • from 08 July 2024 to 31 August 2024
Visite libre maquette : accessible en libre tous les jours toute l'année

Visite guidée Usine (intérieur du barrage), maquette et baraque : du 08/07 au 31/08 les lundis et mardis 10h (suivant affluence), mercredis et jeudis 10h et 14h

Horaires indicatifs, peuvent être modulables suivant les demandes et l’affluence.

Groupes : toute l'année du lundi au dimanche (jours et horaires ajustables suivant disponibilités)
Prices Min. Max.
Basic price - full adult price 7 € -
Free of charge 0 € -
Free of charge 0 € -
Group price 6 € -
Group price 0 € -
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