Château de Rilhac Xaintrie

Situated on the borders of Corrèze and the Monts du Cantal, the Château de Rilhac Xaintrie is opening its doors after 14 years of work designed to restore it to its 15th-century appearance and layout, when it was owned by the Lords of Rilhac.
Construction of Château de Rilhac is thought to have begun in the 14th century, and it was remodelled and embellished in the early 16th century in the Gothic style. The château comprises a large main building, a spiral staircase tower overlooking the courtyard on the south facade and a large round tower in the north-west corner. Outside: a terraced courtyard, an orchard, a beautiful Auvergne barn, a farmhouse adjoining the main building and classically designed parklands with an avenue of centred chestnut trees and rare, majestic trees.
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