Château de Val

Built in the 15th century, Château de Val has become almost an island since the creation of the Bort-Les-Orgues dam. Its exceptional setting makes it one of the region's most famous landmarks. Jean Marais climbed its towers in the film 'Le Capitan', and many renowned artists have exhibited their work here. The fortress is flanked by six towers crowned with machicolations and topped with pepper-pot roofs.
In the main courtyard, a Gothic chapel, also dating from the 15th century, is dedicated to Saint-Blaise. The château is entered via a staircase leading to an iron-clad door whose tympanum is adorned with a bas-relief of the d'Estaing family's fleur-de-lys coat of arms. The second floor comprises three large rooms decorated in the mid-19th century. The second floor hosts annual exhibitions.
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