Château du Lieuteret

Château du Lieuteret was built on the site of an ancient castel belonging to a lord of Alon in the 7th century. Modified over the centuries, the Château's architecture is classical and sober, with its volumes in keeping with the tradition of the Grand Siècle. Dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, it comprises a large central main building, two pavilions and outbuildings.

The interior, in the Louis XIII style, has been preserved and is open to visitors. According to Victor Forot, the Château contains "the best surviving 17th-century interior woodwork in Corrèze", and the chapelle castrale was painted by the eminent Cibille brothers, who founded a dynasty of painters in the classical Bas-Limousin.

Reservations are always advisable: please call 06 15 34 59 46 from June 1 to September 30 inclusive.

Admission: 6?/adult, 4?/6-18 years, free for children under 6.
Du 1er juin 2024 au 30 septembre 2024 du lundi au vendredi.
Prices Min. Max.
Basic price - full adult price 6 € -
Discounted rate 4 € -
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