The medieval village of Curemonte is built lengthwise on a rocky spur in the south of Corrèze.
The density of the military buildings, the three castles and the noble houses bear witness to the importance of the town between the 14th and 17th centuries. At the time, the town enjoyed extensive franchises as part of the Viscounty of Turenne. Raymond de Curemonte took part in the First Crusade alongside the Viscount of Turenne. His descendants later built the Château de Saint-Hilaire. This is the oldest castle, with its 15th-century main building and two square machicolated towers. They were gradually supplanted by the Plas family, who occupied another château. Their château is distinguished by its 16th-century round towers. The Escaravage family moved to a third site at La Johannie.
Take the time to explore the town on foot, although you won't be able to visit any of the castles.
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