la Domostella

"Annonce d'un professionnel"
Enjoy the unusual experience of sleeping under the stars, protected from humidity, wind and insects.
Take in the exceptional panorama, forget your everyday life... we guarantee a change of scenery!

In the Domostella, you'll live at nature's pace, enjoying the sunset over the hillside, then the starry sky from the warmth of your cozy bed. You're likely to be awakened by the first light of morning and the sound of birdsong... You'll then have breakfast facing the Château de Turenne, lit up by the first rays of the sun, or perhaps facing the sea of clouds that often cover the valley at dawn.
  • from 27 April 2024 to 28 October 2024
Capacitemaximum 2
Number of rooms 1
Prices Min. Max.
1 person (B&B) 120 € 140 €
2 pers. (B&B) 120 € 140 €
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