Le Couloir à Papillons

The first of its kind in Corrèze, imagined by Bastien Gonzales, pedicure-podologist to the stars and originally from Correze, the BGA Parc covers almost 12 hectares.
In the heart of the Monédières mountains, in the commune of Affieux, this ecological park, similar to a botanical garden, offers a stroll along the butterfly corridor, punctuated by 14 planting zones. The clumps of shrubs feature information sheets on the different butterflies that can be observed.
The park is open to the public all year round.

How to get there :
Starting point: Affieux town hall
Distance from corridor: 3 km
Approximate walking time: 1h
Points of interest along the way: a natural stream, a temple, wildlife corridors and, depending on the season: the hyacinth forest, the compass, the scarlet garden.
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