Le Jardin d'Arsac

At the end of the road, a paradise: an architecturally designed ornamental garden, awarded the "Jardin Remarquable" label, started over 37 years ago by passionate amateur gardeners, comprising 13 zones each with its own character. Old trees, varied hedges and local and traditional plants typical of the Haute Corrèze region have been preserved. Delicate settings. The "Japanese" garden is astonishing. There's something for everyone, young and old, gardeners and walkers alike, to enjoy the calm and charm of the place.

A guide sheet provides information about the garden.

"Jardi 'Jeu" invites young children (aged 6 and over) to investigate the garden.

Guided tours on request, for groups only.

Wheelchair users can take the tour with a little assistance.
    • Monday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Tuesday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Wednesday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Thursday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Friday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Saturday from 10h00 at 20h00
    • Sunday from 10h00 at 20h00
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Basic price - full adult price 0 € -
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