Le Jardin D'Aurélia

When culture and culture intermingle to awaken our consciences. Boxwood, heather and conifers vie for space, under the benevolence of flower basins that attempt in their own way to engage the debate on the future of color. It's in this environment of the history of a garden which is not without history that we are ready to welcome you with great enthusiasm and pleasure.
Come and discover it with your family - there are plenty of surprises in store!
40 years of passion at the heart of a garden dedicated to History and Culture. In this world where everything is in turmoil, all plants, despite their differences, assume to live in peace in the face of ever-increasing climatic aggression. When the Art of Gardening "titillates" our consciences!
Guided tours only, for a privileged and exclusive moment. Tours by appointment only.
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Basic price - full adult price 5 € -
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