Retable de l'église Saint-Pierre ès liens

This magnificent work (which according to specialists has no equal in France) was begun around 1690 and completed in 1704. It was made by the Duhamel brothers, two sculptors from Tull. The altarpiece is entirely carved in walnut and measures fourteen metres high and twelve metres wide. The panels of the altarpiece represent episodes from the life of Saint Peter, patron saint of the church, and the great mysteries of Christianity. Thus, ten panels represent the conversion of the centurion Cornelius and the life of Saint Peter, and above the altar there are four panels whose main theme is the life of Christ. Above these panels are four statues. On the left is Saint Jerome the hermit, facing him is Saint John the Baptist preaching in the desert and in the front we find Saint Peter recognisable by his keys and Saint Paul holding a sword.
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