Musée de l'Homme de Neandertal ''Jean Bouyssonie"

On August 3, 1908, the Bouyssonie abbots found the first almost complete skeleton of a Neanderthal man, as well as its burial site in the small village of La Chapelle-aux-Saints. This discovery is a world-famous reference in prehistory and an essential milestone in the history of mankind.

The Neanderthal Man Museum, located 1.5 km from this archaeological site, offers you the opportunity to discover the history of this man, to meet our prehistoric ancestors and to understand who the Neanderthal Man was.

Throughout the year, we offer many activities for young and old alike: Guided tours; Workshops for families; Temporary exhibition; Prehistory Festival with European prehistoric weapon shooting championship (first weekend in August); Scientific conferences; Prehistory Cafés; European Heritage Days...
Visite guidée avec ateliers pour les familles les mercredis, jeudis et vendredis à 10h et à 15h en juillet-août, et certaines jours pendant les vacances scolaires.

*Ateliers = dessin façon art pariétal et chasse au propulseur
  • from 31 March 2024 to 01 November 2024
  • 5.5 € / 7.5 €
  • 3.5 € / 5.5 €
  • 4.5 € / 5.5 €
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