Musée du pays d'Ussel

12 rue Michelet
Hôtel Bonnot de Bay
19200 USSEL
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05 55 72 54 69
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Opened in 1976, the Musée de France is dedicated to the history, arts and traditions of the Ussel region, which lies between the Millevaches Plateau, the Triouzoune Valley and the Upper Dordogne Valley. The museum introduces visitors to life in bygone days and to the traditional crafts of the time (e.g. the work of the blacksmith, weaver and clog-maker). Activity books for children on sale. Open daily, except Tuesday, from mid-May to the end of September, 2-6pm. At other times, open by prior arrangement. Entrance fee.


From 15th May to 30th September 2020 daily except Tuesday from 14:00 to 18:00 and


Adult : 4 €
Adult group : 2 €
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