Pompadour is a small town famous for its château, a gift from Louis XV to his favourite Jeanne Le Normant d'Etiolles, and also for its National Stud and its Jumenterie, the only one of its kind in France. The birthplace of the Anglo-Arab breed, Pompadour has had a Horse Institute since 1976 and hosts a number of renowned horse shows. Gallop, cross-country and steeplechase races are held from the last weekend in June to September on the racecourse, reputed to be one of the finest in France.

The majestic façade of the château invites you to step back in time and discover the world of the Marquise. The tour continues with the Marquise's stables and the Orangerie stables, where you can see Anglo-Arabs, draught horses and the presidential horses.

Equestrian shows and cabarets are now one of the highlights of the summer.
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