Natural sites

Unique natural sites

The Corrèze is home to a rich variety of unspoilt natural scenery. Its myriad lakes, waterfalls, peat bogs and forests have remained unchanged for centuries and are crossed by a comprehensive network of footpaths.

The Causse Corrézien
The Causse Corrézien - LISSAC SUR COUZE
Southwest of Brive, near the A20 motorway. One of the most unusual environments in the département, this limestone plateau is dotted with bare, white outcrops of rock. Water is completely absorbed by
The waterfalls of Bialet
The waterfalls of Bialet - SAINT YBARD
The cascades of Bialet offering you a naturel show of beauty. This is also the departure point for a relaxing ramble-following the banks of the Vezere you will discover the remnants of an old forge
The Vézère river and its valley
The Vézère river and its valley - UZERCHE
Vézère river by-passes the city of Uzerche on three sides. It encloses the rocky spur on which stands the ancient walled up city. Classified natural
The La Fage chasm
The La Fage chasm - NOAILLES
Divided into two galleries, the La Fage chasm is known for its beautiful, colourful draperies, highly decorated calcite bridges, numerous stalactites, columns and unusual figures, and its
The Dordogne gorges
The Dordogne gorges - NEUVIC
The Dordogne gorges, very steep, with their dams and their reservoirs, offer superb sceneries as at the viewpoints of Gratte-Bruyère and Roc du Busatier and present a major ecological interest. Trips
The Millevaches Regional Nature Park and its 14 Natura 2000 labelled sites
The Millevaches Regional Nature Park and its 14 Natura 2000 labelled sites - MILLEVACHES
Located on the watershed of the Adour-Garonne and Loire-Brittany basins, the territory of the Regional Natural Park (PNR) has thousands of springs and rivers (Vézère, Creuse, Corrèze, Vienne...)
The Chavanon valley
The Chavanon valley - MERLINES
Access via Merlines. Running along the border between the Corrèze and Puy-de-Dôme départements, the delightful Chavanon valley is of exceptional geological, ecological and botanical interest
The waterfalls of Murel
The waterfalls of Murel - ALBUSSAC
15km northwest of Argentat. Access by car from the village of Forgès. These cascades are formed by three successive waterfalls which run through the steep, wooded Franche-Valeine gorges. The water
The cirque of Freysselines
The cirque of Freysselines - CHAUMEIL
At feet of Monédières, a vast cirque cut in the granitic rock marks the border between plateau and mountain. The cirque of Freysselines is a real sanctuary of the moor: heathers, ferns, brooms,
The Orgues de Bort
The Orgues de Bort - BORT LES ORGUES
4km west of Bort-les-Orgues. Situated at an altitude of 789m, perched 350m above the town of Bort-les-Orgues, these rock formations were formed by volcanic lava flow. The end of the rock is shaped
Saut Sali Waterfall
Saut Sali Waterfall - SOURSAC
In the heart of a classified natural site, a superb waterfall of about thirty meters on the brook of Pont-Aubert, accessible on foot from the parking lot shortly after the hamlet of Breuil by a yellow
Peat bog of Longeyroux
Peat bog of Longeyroux - MEYMAC
A biological environment of major European interest, this peat bog lies at an altitude of 900m in the communes of Meymac, St Merd-les-Oussines, Chavanac and St Sulpice-les-Bois. It occupies a huge
Brezou Valley
Brezou Valley - LAGRAULIERE
The Brezou valley owes its name to the river that runs through it. Located in the communes of Chanteix and Lagraulière, it houses two sites noted for their flora and fauna: The marsh of Brezou and
The waterfalls of Gimel
The waterfalls of Gimel - GIMEL LES CASCADES
12km northwest of Tulle. One of the most beautiful natural sites in the département. These waterfalls consist of three successive cascades falling from La Montane at a total height of 143 metres: "Le