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As though conjured up by a spell, straight out of the history books, our magnificent villages have retained all their medieval charm with their troubadours, citadels and fortified castles. They include the villages of Curemonte, Turenne, Collonges-la-Rouge, Saint-Robert and Ségur-le-Château, all of which are offi cially recognised as some of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. And as you drive through this picturesque region, you’ll also pass other delightful sites, such as Argentat, Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, Meymac and Uzerche, each of which have a unique character thanks to the colour of their stone and rooftops. In Corrèze, churches, chapels and castles invite you to go back in time and craftsmen share with you their unique know-how. 

The Corrèze is blessed with an extraordinary diversity of stunning natural landscapes encompassing a wide range of protected flora and fauna. Take a stroll through the forests and peat bogs of the Millevaches plateau, discover the Massif des Monédières with its blanket of heather, stop at a viewpoint perched above the Gorges de la Dordogne, explore the vast limestone plateaux known as the causses, or admire the mesmerising play of light and shadow created by a waterfall, and you’ll soon appreciate the vast array of natural treasures that this region has to offer

Nature is bountiful in the Corrèze, providing delicious produce such as cep and chanterelle mushrooms, truffl es, apples and strawberries. We’ve always made the most of this bounty, transforming these ingredients into traditional local specialities such as millassous (potato fritter) and farcidures (a type of potato dumpling). The region is also renowned for its gastronomic markets and duck and goose fairs – unique occasions which are well worth a visit. In the Corrèze, living well means eating well !